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Feb, 2023, the Karnataka Congress Party launched an FIR following an attack on its website several times within a few days in the run-up to the State Assembly Polls.

A few days ago, 4 people (Hassan-based Company) got arrested for continuously hacking the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) website in the early months of this year while replacing a fake website with it.

Karnataka Congress Website got hacked



The 4 accused people are – Dharmesh Jain, Arun, Siddharth & Venkatesh. Another individual hooked was from Varahe Analytics (A Political Strategy Firm collaborating with the BJP), who has already absconded.

To spread misleading information, the company created a bogus website and uploaded the content.

Varahe Analytics employee Shashank Bharadwaj requested the business to build the fictitious website.

This Feb, Congress Party launched FIR after realizing that its website was attacked several times within a few days in the run-up to the state assembly elections.

The Hackers smartly hacked the official website and launched a fake website in its place to frame the Congress Party as being communal & corrupt. KPCC saw some misinterpreted photos of Congress Leaders on the fake portal, which caused the FIR to launch against the hackers.

Soon, the Cybercrime Branch saw some details from service providers on the hosting details of the fake website, registration, logs, and other configurations, including payments.

Officials focused their investigation on one M/s Vet Fab Technologies Private Ltd, which has offices in Bengaluru and was registered in Hassan.

In connection with the payment for hosting the website, the police conducted raids at the Hassan and Bengaluru offices on Thursday, seizing Dharmesh Jain, Arun, Siddharth, and Venkatesh. The other three are the company’s directors, while Venkatesh is a staff member.

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