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Nikto is a highly effective open-source web server scanner that is extensively employed in the fields of penetration testing and cybersecurity.  Nikto, which was designed to detect potential security issues and vulnerabilities in web servers, conducts exhaustive evaluations by probing for known flaws, misconfigurations, and obsolete software.

With its ability to facilitate both manual and automated testing, this tool offers security professionals a flexible solution to assess the security stance of web servers.  Nikto possesses an extensive repository of recognized vulnerabilities, which enables it to identify a wide array of concerns such as obsolete server software, exposed sensitive files, and potential security hazards.

In addition, Nikto possesses the capability to produce comprehensive reports and seamlessly integrate with additional security tools, rendering it an invaluable resource for ethical hackers and security analysts who aim to strengthen the security of online systems and web server defenses.  Active community support, regular updates, and user-friendliness all contribute to its prominence in the cybersecurity community.

#Nikto Flags

-help This help information
-host+ Target host/URL
-id+ Host authentication to use, format is id:pass or id:pass:realm
-ipv4 IPv4 Only
-ipv6 IPv6 Only
-list-plugins List all available plugins, perform no
-mutate+ Guess additional file names:
-mutate-options Provide information for mutates
-nointeractive Disables interactive features
-nolookup Disables DNS lookups
-nossl Disables the use of SSL
-noslash Strip trailing slash from URL (e.g., ‘/admin/’ to ‘/admin’)
-no404 Disables nikto attempting to guess a 404 page
-output+ Write output to this file (‘.’ for auto-name)
-Plugins+ List of plugins to run (default: ALL)
-port+ Port to use (default 80)
-RSAcert+ Client certificate file
-root+ Prepend root value to all requests, format is /directory
-Save Save positive responses to this directory (‘.’ for auto-name)
-ssl Force ssl mode on port


These are some important flags that you use when you are trying to gather information on the host. Below is a simple example of the Nikto:

You can check out all the plugins with `-list-plugins`.

For demonstration, I can use the ‘path’ plugin on By default nikto runs all the plugins.

I can save my output using ‘-o filename’.  Be sure to end your filename with any of these extensions:

csv Comma-separated-value
json JSON Format
htm HTML Format
nbe Nessus NBE format
sql Generic SQL (see docs for schema)
txt Plain text
xml XML Format


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