Phone Hacked using Battle Royale Game, Blackmailing Done in the Name of Data Misuse


Phone Hacked using Battle Royale Game, Blackmailing Done in the Name of Data Misuse

Cybercriminals steal data via Battle Royale games on the pretext of leveling up the gamers.  Know the recent case of blackmailing a banker from Ghaziabad in this newsletter.

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh:  Till now, cases of cheating in the name of taking people to an advanced level have come to light in the Battle Royale game.  Now with its help fraudsters are hacking phones and stealing data.  A shocking case has come to light in the Vijaynagar police station area of Ghaziabad.  A banker is being blackmailed by hacking his mobile.

He has lodged a complaint withthe cyber police station in this matter.  According to ADCP Crime, the complaint is being investigated. The identity of the young man in question is being traced through this ID.

Rahul, a resident of the Vijayanagar police station area, is working in a private bank.  According to the victim, he plays a battle royale game.  A few days ago, he received a message from an ID in the game’s chat box.

This message was about getting weapons along with the updated player screen.  Since the accessories were available for ₹3,500, he agreed to take them.  They got a link to buy it.

By clicking on the link he made the payment.  After this, his mobile started hanging. After some time his phone got hacked.  According to Rahul, the hacker hacked his mobile as well as all his social media and mail accounts.

This includes Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram. After this, a demand of ₹10,000 was made from him. To get access to the ID he transferred the money.

The hacker demanded more money.  On refusal, the mobile was formatted.  According to the victim, he did not have much money in his bank account, so he did not suffer much loss, but the accused is continuously asking for money from him.

The accused has his complete data.  They are constantly receiving threats of misuse of this data.  In the initial investigation of cyber police, the number of the person who hacked the phone and the ID of the battle game have been found.  This mobile number belongs to MP. Police are collecting more details about the gaming ID.

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