The Tamil Nadu Police have announced a Short Film Competition to raise Cyber Crime Awareness of Common People.


The Tamil Nadu Police have announced a Short Film Competition to raise Cyber Crime Awareness of Common People.

In order to raise awareness of the FedEx courier fraud, trading investment scam, electricity bill scam, and digital arrest scam, among others, the police have requested short films.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu:  In order to raise awareness about cybercrime, the Cyber Crime Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police Department has requested that members of the public submit short films for a competition.

Those who come out on top will receive monetary awards. A number of cons, including the FedEx courier scam, the trade investment scam, the Electricity Bill scam, and the Digital arrest scam, have been the subject of the police’s search for short films to raise awareness about them.

Those who come in second and third place will each receive ₹20,000 and ₹15,000, respectively, while the winner of the tournament will receive ₹30,000.

To participate in the competition, persons with varying degrees of experience who are enthusiastic about visual storytelling are acceptable. Beginning on June 12, 2024, and continuing until June 25, 2024, individuals who are interested in participating can register online by using a link to a Google form. Participants are needed to submit their original films by the deadline of June 27, 2024, by uploading them to Google Drive and submitting the URL in the Google form. The films must adhere to the theme that has been assigned.

The announcement of the winners is scheduled for July 5th, 2024. Follow the Tamil Nadu Police Cyber Crime Wing on social media using the handle @tncybercrimeoff to receive updates and special content relevant to the competition. Participants and others who are interested in the competition can do so.

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