2 Cyber Fraudsters Are Arrested in a Fake Call Center Incident of Job Scam

2 Cyber Fraudsters Are Arrested

2 Cyber Fraudsters Are Arrested in a Fake Call Center Incident of Job Scam

Varanasi:  Cyber Crime Police in Varanasi have caught two infamous cybercriminals, one of whom was the mastermind of a multi-state job fraud gang. The fraudulent scheme, which targeted unsuspecting individuals seeking employment, entailed masquerading as authentic call centers and transferring lakhs of rupees via counterfeit fees and charges.

Modus Operandi

Targeted recruitment Desperate job seekers were identified through the scraping of data from employment boards such as Naukri.com and Monster India by cyber criminals.
Fake facade Scammers established illegitimate call centers masquerading as private limited companies and contacted victims in the pretense of being employment consulting firms.
The lure of the job By luring them with enticing employment offers, the victims were duped into completing forms containing their private and financial data.
Fee trap Conspicuous of registration, appointment, verification, and insurance fees, the perpetrators coerced their unsuspecting victims into paying substantial extortion demands.


Shreyans Kumar Mishra, a resident of Jaunpur, lost approximately Rs. 11 lakh as a result of this fraudulent scheme. He promptly notified the Varanasi Cyber Crime Police Station of the incident, which prompted an investigation that successfully uncovered the entirety of the operation.

By employing advanced technological tools and conducting thorough electronic surveillance, the Cyber Crime Police team, under the leadership of Inspector Vijay Narayan Mishra, effectively located and apprehended the two principal suspects:

  • Rohit Kumar, a computer science graduate, is a resident of South Delhi.
  • Atit Kumar, a native of South Delhi, is another computer-degree-holding graduate.

A substantial quantity of evidence was seized during the arrests, which occurred in Block E, Kalkaji, South West Delhi. Among the items seized were debit and SIM cards, mobile phones, computers and laptops, bank passbooks and chequebooks, and laptops.

The detained individuals were former telecallers for legitimate call centers and employment agencies, according to the interrogation. Their privileged information enabled them to fabricate a convincing front and capitalize on weaknesses in the employment application procedure.

This particular case serves to underscore the escalating menace of cybercrime as it pertains to electronic employment investigations. It is recommended that job seekers exercise prudence and reject unsolicited offers and demands for exorbitant fees. It is imperative to safeguard oneself against these types of schemes by exercising caution when disclosing personal and financial information and by verifying the legitimacy of employers.

The authorities continue the investigation with the objective of apprehending additional participants of the criminal network. This accomplishment functions as a poignant illustration of the criticality of cooperation and constant vigilance in the fight against cybercrime and the protection of the digital community.

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