In Bihar’s Purnia, 17 persons have been detained for online fraud thus far this year: Police.

In Bihar's Purnia, 17 persons have been detained for online fraud

According to the police, those who were detained were involved in downloading people’s fingerprints, biometric data, and Aadhaar numbers.

News4Hackers – In Purnia, which was formerly well-known for the smuggling of drugs and bogus Indian rupee notes, the police reported that 4 FIRs had been filed at the Kasba and Amaur police stations.

Purnia Police, Bihar

This year, we have already made 17 arrests and filed 4 separate police reports (FIRs) in connection with cyber fraud cases, which has given us cause for alarm.

The cases have been reported to the police in Purnia’s Kasba and Amaur stations, which once had a bad reputation for smuggling drugs and “Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN).”

From the homes and workplaces of those who have been arrested, police teams have retrieved several smartphones, ATM cards, rubber copies of fingerprints, Aadhaar numbers, printers, scanners, stamping equipment, laptops, chemicals, and other items.

Officer, Purnia

“The accused individuals were involved in downloading biometric data, including fingerprints and Aadhaar numbers, from the property registration records of the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Telangana.

They used fingerprint cloning to withdraw money from numerous bank accounts using the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). Although it is not available online in Bihar, the three states they targeted have free access to download registry and agreement paperwork from official websites. Because of this, fraud was not carried out in Bihar but rather in other states.”

Officer, Purnia

“They created an ecology. The counterfeiters created replica fingerprints that were used in unauthorized financial transactions from the bank accounts of numerous consumers by printing the original fingerprint on rubber trace paper, using a polymer stamp machine, and heating the paper at a specific temperature with a chemical.”

Amir Javed, SP, Purnia

“About a month ago, a Haryana police team went to the Jalalgarh neighborhood and arrested Domar Vishwas and took him with them on transit remand.”

During the interrogation, criminals admitted that Jamtara trained them in the hacking & cloning methods at Jharkhand and West Bengal. They made a purchase of tools essential for cloning fingerprints from online stores. Moreover, they bought temperature controllers, rubber thumbprint cloners, polymer solutions, and many more.

In Bihar's Purnia, 17 persons have been detained for online fraud

Police, Purnia

They next verified that the Aadhaar number was associated with a bank account. They made online accounts on any platform by providing fictitious documents after narrowing down Aadhar-linked bank accounts without anybody suspecting any wrongdoing.

Jitendra Singh Gangwar, ADG, Headquarters

“After setting up an account, they used the biometric device and the cloned fingerprint to log into any payment app and start a transaction.

The Purnia police received assistance from the Bihar police’s Economic Offence Unit (EoU) in their investigation. In relation to similar frauds committed in their state, the Telangana police also got in touch with them.

EoU has contacted the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) India Cyber Crime Coordination Centre about the racket. Purnia’s gang has not yet carried out any AEPS crimes in Bihar.”

Police Officer, Purnia

“They carried out several transactions quickly and withdrew huge amounts from different accounts as the fraudsters could only remove 10,000 from an account in a single attempt.

From these digital wallets, the money was transferred to their bank accounts. Due to their late realization or modest quantities, the majority of victims rarely report the incident. Those who suffered significant losses filed police complaints.

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