Jharkhand CID Tracked 8000 Bank Accounts Associated With The Cyber Fraud Scandal; Deoghar beats Jamtara in the Number of Cyber Fraud Accounts.


Jharkhand CID Tracked 8000 Bank Accounts Associated With The Cyber Fraud Scandal; Deoghar beats Jamtara in the Number of Cyber Fraud Accounts.

Jharkhand:  The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Jharkhand Police has created an extensive database that contains details of almost 8000 bank accounts associated with cyber fraud activities in the state. This vital information has played a key role in commencing investigations to ascertain the identities of the individuals who are engaged in these unlawful actions.

Furthermore, the CID has disseminated this material to bank officials during a conference conducted on January 12, with the objective of expediting the process of identification.

An Analysis of District Distribution and Unexpected Data

From the available data, it has been discovered that an astonishing 2000 of these questionable bank accounts are specifically located in the Deoghar district.  Surprisingly, almost 20% of these accounts can be linked to different branches of the State Bank of India.  The disclosure has caused significant disruption across the area, prompting inquiries into the magnitude of cyber deception within the state.

Although Jamtara district has had a reputation for cyber fraud operations in the past, Deoghar district has recently exceeded it in terms of the number of dubious accounts.  This disclosure has triggered investigations into the possibility that the state may be sheltering over 8000 cyber criminals, or if there is an alternative explanation for this alarming statistic.

Renting Accounts for Dishonest Gains

The working methodology of cyber fraudsters has been brought to attention by a recent instance involving the Delhi Police.  Reports have revealed the exposure of a cyber fraud syndicate that engaged in the practice of renting bank accounts from individuals to facilitate the transfer of their unlawfully acquired profits.

The account holders were granted a commission of 10 percent in exchange for utilizing these accounts. This revelation adds complexity to the ongoing investigation into cyber fraud activities in Jharkhand.

Achieving Resolute Victory in the Battle Against Cyber Crime

The CID team, led by CID DG Anurag Gupta, has been experiencing exceptional success in its unwavering pursuit of cyber offenders. Using the Pratibimb portal, the police have logged 90 instances and detained 468 individuals implicated in online fraud. In addition, authorities have confiscated a total of 1635 SIM cards and seized 1107 mobile phones, thereby halting the activities of cyber criminals within the state.


During the ongoing investigation, the CID maintains its dedication to destroying cyber fraud networks and ensuring that those responsible face the repercussions of their conduct.

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